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Control anything, anywhere.

SQ Blaster + SQ Remote is the ultimate remote control system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

ALERT! The latest Beta firmware from MiOS is incompatible with SQ Remote. Upgrading to v6 Beta and later will prevent SQ Remote from being able to connect to your Vera system.

You can download the latest version of SQ Designer here.

The Gen II Blaster is here.

We wave goodbye to the wooden looks, and say hello to 5 channel addressable IR in a sleek designer finish. Need a professional infra-red solution at a fraction of the price of the high end systems? Then look no further. Get the blaster here.

With 8 IR LEDs providing 270° of blasting around the sides, as well as out of the top of the new look case, the new blaster boasts one of the most flexible IR solutions on the market today. On top of this, the 4 x 3.mm line out connections allow cabling of up to 24 individual IR controlled devices.

And because it's Wi-Fi, you can put it where you need it, not just where you happen to have an ethernet cable.

AVAILABILITY: Blasters are available now from our Amazon Store.

New Standard Theme Released. Give the control panels on your iPad a real upgrade with this gorgeoous new theme. If you managed to see us at CES this year, this was the theme that we were using for the demos on the stand. This theme is available from within your SQ Remote app.

Within the app simply go to: "Setup > Themes > Download a Theme from Square Connect Website".

SQ Remote HD. With full screen iPad support, themes and icons for lists, now you can use your iPad or iPhone like never before.
Create your own user interfaces, control all your AV and home automation equipment, customize with themes, the sky is the limit.

Available now on the App Store.

SQ Designer. Desktop freedom to create your control surfaces, add icons, manage and import IR codes as well as create your own themes. For the PC, Mac OS X, and Linux. The quickest and easist way to get exactly what you want.


Themes. Download new themes from our themes page. Use these on your iPhone or iPad for a new look and feel, or use them as the starting point for your own modifications and designs.


Partner Apps. There is now more than one way to control your gear. SQ Blaster can now be controlled with other applications and systems. This includes alternative iPhone apps, integation into other home control systems as well as apps that run on Android (Android apps coming soon). Check them out.

Gallery. Take a look at some example screen shots of how your user interface could look like with SQ Remote Lite and SQ Remote HD. If you are already using SQ Remote, why not send us a few screen shots and we will include them in our gallery.

Open API. Want to create your own application to control home AV equipment, or integrate SQ Blaster support into an application or system that you already deploy? Get our API and find our how easy it is to integrate the Blaster into your code.

Square Connect on Facebook. Join us on Facebook, chat with the developers and tell us what you are controlling. Exchange stories with other SQ users and share your user interface designs.

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